WUUYO is a countrywide campaign aimed at putting an end to power theft and vandalism in Uganda. It calls for general ownership of the problem and vigilance from every Ugandan in order to effectively fight the vices.
Everyone from UMEME to the government to you. Only through a concerted effort shall we beat power theft and vandalism.
You are called upon to report every power thief and vandal. A power thief is anyone who steals power or aids the theft of power, including anyone makes illegal connections for people. A network vandal is anyone who damages and steals power distribution equipment like transformers, cables and poles. This can also include anyone who buys vandalised equipment.
Yes. No one is above the law. Whoever steals power and vandalises power equipment or aids these vices will be caught and charged accordingly.
To report, visit any UMEME office countrywide or call 0312360777 or simply click here.
When you report power theft, vandalism or any other related illegal activity, a team is immediately assigned to investigate and report back to us. If the report is found to be true, the culprit is immediately charged by law and made to pay the penalties for his or her crime.
No. Your identity will be kept secret and any information you submit to us will be acted upon in the strictest confidence. Also, you’re free to report anonymously.
Yes. Once we investigate and find your report to be true, you will be given a percentage of the monetary equivalent of the recovered units. All we will need are your identification details. Your identity will be kept secret.